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Giving back to the community: 
The Alstom Foundation is the concrete expression of Alstom’s corporate citizenship commitment and a means of contributing sustainably to communities in need.

Our mission: bringing Alstom’s corporate citizenship commitment to life

Alstom being an established global player, its employees have long been involved in improving the living conditions in the communities neighbouring its sites around the world. Since 2007, the Alstom Foundation has championed humanitarian initiatives put forward by its employees that address four key axes:

  • Economic, social  development & support

    Economic, social development & support

    We support initiatives which protect children, frequently orphans, living in dire circumstances and those which develop the employability of disadvantaged women and youth seeking to enter the job market.

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  • Environmental protection

    Environmental protection

    We encourage projects designed to enhance environmental awareness, protect natural habitats and build resilience to natural disasters.

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  • Access to mobility

    Access to mobility

    We seek to encourage the economic development of communities by facilitating the movement of both people and goods such that remote and disadvantaged communities may take advantage of local markets, education, health and other facilities.

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  • Access to energy and water

    Access to energy and water

    We aim at making a contribution and helping remote communities to raise their living standards through access to these fundamental facilities.

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Our commitments: working hand in hand with employees and NGOs

The Alstom Foundation supports projects that have been conceived, presented and supported by Alstom employees who team up with international and local partners to make a positive impact on their local community.

“The Alstom Foundation has been created to improve the living standards in the communities close to where Alstom has a presence around the world. It supports projects that meet the needs identified by Alstom’s employees. All these projects are focused on raising living standards within local communities and all of them have a sustainability dimension.”

Henri Poupart-Lafarge

Alstom Chairman and CEO

Creating a global impact with trusted partners around the world

Every year, the Foundation selects and funds the most original and attractive ideas to reflect the diversity of the Group’s international footprint. Discover some examples below.

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Around 220 projects have been successfully completed (Sept. 2022). The Alstom Foundation adds around 35 new projects each year. Are you ready to submit yours?

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