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Jazmines Community is one of the 30 communities located north of Lima. Alstom Foundation. Peru, March 2018

How we operate

The Alstom Foundation is headed by a Board of Directors, which sets the strategic targets of the Foundation and selects the projects to be funded.

A voluntary engagement

The Members of the Board of Directors work on a voluntary basis and do not receive any compensation for their involvement. The external members are each recognised experts in one or more fields relevant to the Alstom Foundation. The Executive Committee’s role is to make sure that projects are properly executed and in compliance with the contract terms. The Executive Committee also decides on natural disaster emergency aid donations. The Alstom Foundation has appointed a statutory auditor and an alternative auditor to ensure the probity of its financial statements and report to the Board of Directors.

Board and Executives

Board of Directors


Henri Poupart-Lafarge

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alstom

Bart Vantorre

VP Components Platform & Global Product Modularization, Alstom

Delphine Cosimo

VP Cash Management Performance, Alstom

Cécile Texier

VP Sustainability & CSR, Alstom

Nathalie Bouvier

Chief Strategy Officer, Alstom

Chantal Jouanno

President, CNDP (Commission Nationale du Débat Public)

Jean Jouzel 

Paleoclimate Scientist, member of IPCC

Jean-Marc Gravellini   

Former executive at the AFD 

Alstom Foundation Executive


Henri Poupart-Lafarge


Cécile Texier

Treasurer and Employee’s Representative

Anne-Cécile Barbier

Secretary General