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Vietnam: Enhanced mobility in the Yen Bai Province

Access to mobility

Vietnam: Enhanced mobility in the Yen Bai Province

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location 5 communes in Yen Bai Province / Tram Tau District

The project's main goal is to build seven km concrete roads connecting five communes to enable the H'mong minority people to access schools, health stations, markets and highways. Located in high mountainous area with sharp peaks and cliffs, people are isolated with limited infrastructure transport, hence deprived of economic opportunities, social services and connection.

Local involvement through trainings on concrete road construction technique, maintenance, as well as sustainable farming methods, have created employment opportunities.

Partner NGO: World Vision France

Vietnam_mobility for ethnic minority1
Access to mobility for H’Mong community
Finished Road Yen Bai Province
  • Promoter

    Dung Doan-Viet - Customer Director, Hanoi

  • Initiate date • Duration

    01.10.2020 • 12 months