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Recicla+: The new waste collection model in the Dominican Republic

The Recicla+ project developed by Asociacion Nuevos Caminos was selected in October 2020 by the Alstom Foundation Board. At the beginning of the project, the team went to the pilot town of Sabana Yegua to work on a solid waste collection model. In the short term, the objective was to improve and professionalize the current system in place and implement a dedicated awareness campaign on environment.

Through workshops in schools and companies, an environment-based education was distilled to acquire new habits regarding reducing, re-using and recycling. The overall model and approach was then extended to the neighbouring town of Proyecto 4, with the ultimate goal to reach other communities in the province of Azua. The project is planned to end in February 2022 and to positively impact close to 14,000 inhabitants.

  • 14000
    inhabitants positively impacted
  • 2020
    project selected by the Alstom Foundation Board

Apart from optimising a collection of recyclable waste, Recicla+ raises environmental awareness and offers workshops in schools and companies that introduce habits of reducing waste and reusing.

Julia Montana Tor, Industrial Engineer at Alstom, who originally submitted Recicla+, the new waste collection model for the Dominican Republic as a project to the Alstom Foundation, speaks about her experience in our latest video. 

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The team in action in the streets of Sabana Yegua.