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Dominican Republic: Recicla+

Environmental protection

Dominican Republic: Recicla+

  • Status


  • Location Sabana Yegua

This project started with a pilot town and the creation of a solid waste collection model that can be expanded throughout the Azua province. It began successfully in Sabana Yegua and has been running over the past four years. The plan is to now extend it to the neighbouring town of Proyecto 4, and then to the entire metropolitan area of Azua. The model is based on two key activities: Optimized collection of recyclable waste and environmental education (workshops in schools and awareness through acquiring habits of reducing and reusing).

Partner NGO: Asociacion Nuevos Caminos

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  • Promoter

    Julia Montana-Tor - Deputy Depot Junior Engineer, Nola

  • Initiate date • Duration

    01.10.2020 • 12 months