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Vietnam: Enhancing access to mobility for ethnic minority in Yen Bai Province

Objective: Build road sections to connect villages and enable sustainable livelihoods in the Tram Tau District

In October 2020, the Alstom Foundation Board decided to work with World Vision to tackle the lack of transport infrastructure challenge in remote mountain villages in North Vietnam, which is currently restricting access to key places including schools, markets, health centers and other social services for the local H’Mong community.

Last January, World Vision held a successful kick-off meeting with all stakeholders including local authorities and the project has been progressing well ever since. All equipment and materials have been purchased and the first road sections are now being built by the H’Mong ethnic minority in the Yen Bai Province.  

In the medium-term, the new road sections will be maintained and managed by the H’mong community, who are being trained in basic road maintenance skills. Once this project is complete in December 2021, it will positively impact close to 4,000 residents in the Tram Tau District, enabling them to reach essential services and enjoy wider freedom of movement.

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