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Women empowerment to safeguard and valorise the mangrove in Senegal

Since December 2020, the Alstom Foundation and NGO Le Partenariat have collaborated to save and valorise the mangrove in Senegal through women empowerment. The mangrove in Saint-Louis has been suffering from deforestation, urban sprawling, pollution and wood collecting for energy consumption. Populations living in those areas, especially women, have consequently become vulnerable. The goal of the project is to protect and develop a sustainable way to manage the mangrove through women organisations who will diversify their economic activities and create a clean energy distribution network, as well as involving all players to sensitise local communities to biodiversity and environmental issues.

pupils sensitised
teachers trained
ha of filao planted

After a few months of implementation, our Alstom Promoter Ousmane Dia visited the project and observed the first project achievements. These included a technical committee which has been established with key environment local players supervising the activities and following the overall project, as well as nine primary schools in Saint Louis (three in Gandon, three in Gandiol and three in Saint Louis) which have been sensitised to the topics of degradation and protection of the mangrove ecosystems. In total 1,000 pupils have increased their awareness and 100 teaching staff have been trained on these topics.

Biodiversity exploration in Saint-Louis.
Women entrepreneurs working on a distribution network of renewable products.

In addition, five women entrepreneurs have been selected through specific criteria by the technical committee to create and operate a distribution network of renewable products based on solar, biogas or biocarbon, as well as their commercialisation. A business plan is now ready; marketing and commercial activities will be launched shortly.

On September 29 and 30, activities related to the reforestation of more than 4 ha with 3333 filao sapplings were carried out on the sand strip of the Langue de Barbarie with the support of all local stakeholders. Five ha of mangrove are planned to be reforested in the coming months.

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Plantation of more than 4 ha of filao sapplings on the sand strip of the Langue de Barbarie.