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Access to energy and water

Vietnam: Wash

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  • Location Cu Mhar District, Vietnam

In collaboration with the local community, XUÂN brings water and toilets in poor and remote schools to reshape children’s learning environment and give them hope for a bright future. This action supports the common vision of a world where all children go to school and all schools provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment where children grow, learn and thrive.

Phan Bội Châu is one such school that has no water connection or sanitation facilities. To address this issue, XUAN with aid from Alstom Foundation, will support the building of two separate latrines for boys and girls and of a water supply system (well, water tank, water filter). XUAN will also promote the importance of maintaining hygiene, among teachers and children, to bring about a positive attitudinal change.   

Partner: XUÂN - Les enfants de l'avenir

  • Promoter

    Eduardo Tapia – Market & Portfolio Manager

  • Duration

    18 months