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Vietnam: Enhanced household food production

Economic, social  development & support

Vietnam: Enhanced household food production

Objective : To continue supporting local households in Son La province to producte homestead food and improve their bio-agriculture practices.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Son La Province
  • This project is year 3 of a pilot project by HKI Vietnam and National Institute of Nutrition called Improved Household Food Security and Nutrition in Son La Province.
  • Provide technical training on agriculture and nutrition in targeted households who have already received inputs from the project.
  • Impart training to further bio-composting practices in home gardens.


Partner : Helen Keller International - Vietnam 

Sponsor: Hari Menon (Alstom VP HR)

2013 - Vietnam - Village Model Farms.jpg

  • Promoter

    Dung Doan-Viet (Alstom Vietnam Customer Director) 

  • Duration

    1 year