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Vietnam: E² WASH supports rural families

Access to energy and water

Vietnam: E² WASH supports rural families

Objective: To support rural families in accessing sustainable clean water and sanitation during Covid

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  • Location Vietnam

The E2 WASH project will address critical water and sanitation risks in three ethnic minority communes located in the mountainous rural northwest of Vietnam. It will focus on hygiene education and sanitation through informational sessions, workshops and school coursework, as well as through mobilizers, who will be trained to share information about hygiene (Incl. Covid impact) and waste management. 

In addition, access to safe water and sanitation infrastructure through basic material supports and technical assistance will also be a main focus. The community will have the ability to build and maintain their own latrines, water filters and waste management systems. Fourteen trainings in total to be made on sanitation, waste management, hygiene and water filtration.

Partner: Church World Service (CWS)

  • Promoter

    Dung Doan-Viet - Customer Director, Hanoi

  • Duration

    12 months