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UK: Improving social mobility for youth in Liverpool

Economic, social  development & support

UK: Improving social mobility for youth in Liverpool

Objective: Encouraging disadvantaged youth to aim high who otherwise would not know how to start.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Liverpool, UK not far from Widnes where Alstom is currently building a Railway Technology Centre

Disadvantaged young people from poorer areas need some boost to seize opportunities for upward social mobility. To address the issues faced by them in entering the countrys elite universities and professions, and in getting work placements, Social Mobility Foundation seeks to open an office in Liverpool in order to serve more young people with their proven programme. This will put permanent staff in a region that very much needs the provided activities:

  • mentoring from professionals across 11 career sectors,
  • trips to universities around the country,
  • help with writing university applications, tests and interviews,
  • work placements and internships in their chosen profession, 
  • skills workshops to develop the skills employers are looking for. 


Partner NGO: Social Mobility Foundation

Sponsor: M. Hulme MD Trains & Modn - Preston

  • Promoter

    R. Taylor Sustainability Mgr - Birmingham

  • Duration

    9 months