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Tanzania: Improved access to menstrual hygiene in schools

Access to energy and water

Tanzania: Improved access to menstrual hygiene in schools

  • Status


  • Location Tanzania

School girls in Mwanza have no access to safe/private water & sanitation facilities or menstrual hygiene (MH) education, combined with deep-rooted cultural taboos often leading to gender inequality.

The project promotes:

  • Improved access to sanitation infrastructures in 5 public schools through rehabilitation of facilities (latrines), provision of MH kits (painkillers, pads, etc) & construction of 5 incinerators for waste management
  • Improved public acceptability of menstruation & capacities to implement good MH practices through 10 school clubs & trainings in personal hygiene & MH, as well as training teachers, school commitees & parents in MH & maintenance of infrastructures.

NGO: Fundación Amref Salud África (AMREF)

  • Promoter

    Javier Hinojal-Calvo - Business Development Manager, Madrid

  • Initiate date • Duration

    06.09.2022 • 6 months