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Spain: Plastic beings 3 - plastic catch

Environmental protection

Spain: Plastic beings 3 - plastic catch

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  • Location Madrid, Barcelona & Bilbao

Each year 8 billion kg of plastic waste ends up in the ocean causing serious damage to marine life & its ecosystem. Spain is the 2nd country that dumps more waste in the sea. The project aims to create an engaged community of citizens that are aware of the plastic pollution issue & feel empowered to solve it. 3 objectives:

1/ Deliver 120 awareness workshops for students & teachers in various schools & 3 awareness workshops in Alstom, so that all beneficiaries gain knowledge on plastic pollution, identify easy alternatives to deal with it & establish measurable/ achievable actions to diminish plastic use

2/ Deliver 3 cleaning events with Alstom workers through sport (Jogging, cycling, kayaking, snorkling, etc)

3/ Launch online competition of good environmental practices targeting 8,000 schools, to encourage students & teachers to create short videos or presentations of good practices implemented in their schools & raise environmental awareness. 

  • Promoter

    Gemma Alonso Broncano - Spain Sustainability & CSR Manager, Madrid

  • Initiate date • Duration

    15.09.2023 • 12 months