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South Africa: After School and Life Skills Project

Economic, social  development & support

South Africa: After School and Life Skills Project

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The project is in the second phase after being supported by the Alstom Foundation in 2018 for its first phase, in close partnership with 2 local primary schools, Alra Park Primary School and Happiness Primary School. 

Goal is to help 200 vulnerable children affected and/or infected by AIDS to improve their performance in school and acquire basic life skills.

The global goal of the FXB Afterschool Life Skills program is to help youth better cope with the extreme
hardships of their daily lives and empower them with all the tools they need to live their life with
dignity. In order to reach this global goal, the program is sequenced in the following four specific

- improve school performance and encourage students to pursue further studies
- enhance the psychosocial status of the youth beneficiairies
- enhance the life & leadership skills of the students
- raise community awareness

Partner: Association François-Xavier Bagnoud - FXB 

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    Zaibonisha Turkey

  • Duration

    12 months