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South Africa: After School and Life Skills Project

Economic, social  development & support

South Africa: After School and Life Skills Project

To help 200 children improve their performance at school and acquire basic life skills

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  • Location Nigel, South Africa

In the poor communities of Nigel, many children have lost one or both parents to the AIDS pandemic. While the impact of this loss differs among families and communities, one thing is certain – a child’s life is turned upside down during such an event. Even when alive, parents struggle to make ends meet and are not always able to provide adequate care and education for their children and these children are at a high risk of contracting HIV themselves.

Since 2000, FXB, Alstom Foundation’s partner organisation in Nigel, has been running After SchoolLife Skills program in various cities in South Africa. The program not only aims to limit the impact of HIV/AIDS on the lives of children, but also enables them to cope better with daily life and plan their future. Specifically, the program seeks to enhance the psychosocial status of children by pushing them towards education and raise community awareness about AIDS.

Partner : Association François-Xavier Bagnoud – FXB

  • Promoter

    Dominique Pouliquen – Chief Performance Officer

  • Duration

    12 months