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Senegal: Building a school orchard

Environmental protection

Senegal: Building a school orchard

  • Status


  • Location Senegal

The project will focus on building a school orchard (20 x 10m) in this poor part of Senegal for students to observe and discover nature and the environment, as well as teach them to cultivate food and create social awareness about self-supply. 

The key objectives of this project include the following:

  • Experience cultivation of vegetables, sowing, planting and harvesting
  • Elaborate menus with fresh products collected for a better diet and cook them
  • Encourage environmentally-friendly actions (natural fertilizer to create good soil, recycling, etc.)
  • Develop cleaning and hygiene habits
  • Promote cooperation and gender equal work

Partner: Creando Futuros

  • Promoter

    Marimar Carmona-Hernandez - OQA Technical Staff, Trapaga

  • Duration

    12 months