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Every drop counts: Water conservation project in India

Water is the elixir of life. Unfortunately for our planet, supplies are now running dry, at an alarming rate. In India, the increasing stress on the availability of water is due to population explosion compounded further by improper usage of groundwater resources.

With the aim of supporting conservation of water, the Alstom Foundation in partnership with United Way of Bengaluru has installed 50 rainwater harvesting units and 25 percolation pits in Anekal Taluk near Bangalore in India.

The objective of this project was to install rooftop structures to collect rainwater, and subsequently store it in tanks for later use. Percolation pits also help recharge the ground aquifers and wells in rural and urban areas.

  • 50
    rainwater harvesting units installed
  • 1,281,000
    litres of rainwater were collected and percolated
  • >5,200
    rural residents benefitted

As of September 2021, 1,281,000 litres of rainwater were collected and percolated, and each harvesting unit helped in holding over 5,000 litres at any given point in time. These provide residents a cost effective and sustainable mechanism to conserve rainwater.

This successfully completed project is directly benefitting over 5,200 rural residents, by reducing their dependency on municipal water supply and increasing underground water level.

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