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Human Rights awareness and skills development for unaccompanied minors in Greece

The Alstom Foundation and its partner ARSIS just ended their project assisting vulnerable unaccompanied minors (UAMs) coming from various countries (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Bangladesh, Congo, etc) and in issues of skills and career development, as well as integration and human rights awareness. Aged 16-18, UAMs residing in ARSIS accommodations and usually on the move, were able to use their time spent in Greece to participate in workshops with a career consultant and human rights educator at ARSIS’ Youth Support Centre in Thessaloniki, Greece. This centre is a day care structure where youth can enroll several recreational activities, school education, as well as language classes and interpretation services.

individual & group consultation sessions
minors supported
human rights sessions

Since November 2019, the project served a total of 210 minors, which involved 904 individual consultation sessions, 125 group consultation sessions, 40 human rights sessions, and 29 outdoor activities & visits. Group sessions included for instance communication skills development tackling cultural differences, IT careers & opportunities to provide a picture of the IT job market, while individual sessions worked out topics such as CV creation, interview skills, or job hunting methods.

A series of activities such as cooking classes, sewing classes, a day trip to a horse riding farm or a carpenter training were carried out, and due to the pandemic context, a computer lab was also created in order to conduct digital skills training workshops.

We are proud to highlight that the program allowed 8 young adults to find a job !

Learn more about the project here