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Educational support for children living in the streets of Guadalajara, Mexico

Since 2019, the Alstom Foundation and its partner Movimiento de Apoyo a Menores Abandonados (MAMA AC) have contributed to an educational program, supporting the recovery of children and teenagers' living in poverty and vulnerability in Guadalajara, Mexico. The program includes school work, social and emotional skills development, psychological attention and food services. Plus it has provided the children and teenagers, who were either working in the streets or accompanying their family members working in the streets, tools to help them reintegrate into the classical education system and break the poverty cycle to enable them to create a better future for themselves.

Despite the outbreak of the pandemic and its challenges, 129 children and teenagers have been able to continue their studies and benefitted from a total of 2046 hours in academic tutoring, classes or workshops. In addition, they have received 3141 pantries and 2600 meals in order to ensure the best cognitive and physical conditions to learn, and to mitigate their families’ economic stress, allowing education to be the priority. We're proud to share that three beneficiaries from the program have already finished elementary school and two have entered high school.