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Alstom Foundation to support 25 new projects around the world

9 October 2019 - The Alstom Corporate Foundation has announced its final selection of projects for the 2019 cycle. With a total of 158 projects having been submitted, Alstom employees have once again demonstrated their enthusiasm for philanthropy and for supporting local communities.

“I am delighted to see my Alstom colleagues demonstrating such a strong citizenship commitment! In response to such a determination to support local communities the Group has decided to increase the Foundation’s annual budget for project funding. Starting this year, the Foundation will have a budget of 1.5 million euros, an increase of 50% over that of previous years. This will allow it to support a greater number of projects and/or those of a higher value,” says Barry Howe, Secretary General of the Alstom Foundation.

This year, the Foundation’s Board has selected 25 projects for funding from it’s 2019/20 budget – a significant increase on the 16 projects funded last year.

  • Vocational training for disabled – Peru
  • Construction of green spaces in a shanty town north of Lima by single mothers of the township, for the promotion of social inclusion; prevention of natural disasters; and mediation against climatic change – Peru
  • Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP) – Colombia
  • Attending the educational backwardness of vulnerable children; restoring their right to education as a route to a dignified future – Mexico
  • Soft and Technical Skills Training for Women in social vulnerability (CAPTA) – Panama
  • Asmae – Manila: Empowering street children and families – Philippines
  • Water for Life: Integrated water management program – India
  • Enabling access to secondary education through the provision of bicycles to 899 students from the Anantapur district – India
  • Provide facilitation services to nano and micro rural women-led enterprises to grow their businesses – India
  • A mobile solution to welfare gaps – Welfare initiatives in Madhepura District (Phase 2) – India
  • Make it Work Hong Kong: Empowering low-income women workers in Hong Kong by providing training and better job opportunities – China
  • Provide transport for young students at El Mnasria Primary School – Tunisia
  • Mifne: Skills development, employment advancement and economic empowerment for underprivileged women – Israel
  • Talking the Future - Improving Hebrew literacy among asylum seeking preschool children - Israel
  • A quality education, locally, for secondary school children in Lompoul – Senegal
  • After school and life skills project – South Africa
  • +BiDown Independent life and career academy – Turkey
  • Building future technicians (Phase 2) – Kazakhstan
  • Fleurs d'Halage: Growing flowers to create jobs and biodiversity – France
  • Eco-colleges of Seine-Saint-Denis – France
  • Providing support to children in crisis – UK
  • Improving social mobility for young people in Liverpool (Year 3) – UK
  • Plastic Beings (Seres Plasticos) – Spain
  • Train of integration – Italy
  • Human rights awareness and skills development for Unaccompanied Minors (UAMs) – Greece

Established in 2007, the Alstom Foundation supports and funds projects proposed by Alstom employees who team up with local NGO partners and not-for-profit organizations to carry out initiatives aimed at improving living conditions in communities located near the Groups facilities and project sites around the world. The Foundation’s projects focus on four axes: Mobility, Environmental Protection, Energy & Water, and Socio-Economic Development.