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Children and farmers in Dien Bien Province benefit from Alstom’s presence in Vietnam

On 17 January 2019, 7 Alstom employees in Vietnam visited Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien Province to celebrate the completion of ropeway system project that had been sponsored by the Alstom Foundation and to celebrate the new year with 67 children at Pu Nhung village primary school and kindergarten with interactive activities. Alstom colleagues in Vietnam donated about USD400 to buy gifts, such as books, socks, warm hats and shoes for those children.

In 2017, the Alstom Foundation agreed to fund a project in Vietnam put forward by the NGO World Vision/Vision du Monde to install 10 ropeway systems in Tuan Giao District, Dien Bien Province, which has 41% poverty rate. These 10 ropeway systems help farmers to transport goods, equipment, fertilizer and harvests between their fields in mountain areas and their villages, routes where road conditions are either substandard or non-existent. One household in Rang Dong commune, Mon village shared with Alstom that, with the new ropeway system, it now only takes 2-4 days to transport the same quantity of corn harvested from their fields to their home, when it used to take 2 weeks. In addition, in the past, all transport up and down the mountain had to be done physically by strong men. But now, the transportation can be done by women using the ropeway system. Because of this easier transport means farmers in Tuan Giao district plan to expand their plantations next year. This should result in a greater harvest and enhanced income to their households.

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