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Portugal: Alstom women in action

Economic, social  development & support

Portugal: Alstom women in action

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  • Location Camarate, Loures

The program focuses on the integration of a group of women (Unemployed or in a precarious job, living in poverty, having >3 children, 1st/2nd/3rd generation migrant, low levels of education) in the labour market through a sewing specialisation to become entrepreneurs. It involves the development of: 

1/ Personal skills (Creativity, critical thinking, communication skills, teamwork)

2/ Professional skills (Mastery of sewing techniques - Confection, repair, reuse in a creative way by valuing raw material & prevent waste)

3/ Marketing & entrepreneurship skills (Business & marketing plan, digital communication, sales techniques, mentoring, visits to Alstom or other work places).

Overall focus on ecological footprint by reusing & recycling textiles, valuing the re-created pieces & seeing the transformation as a preventive method of waste.

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  • Promoter

    David Torres - Portugal Managing Director, Lisboa

  • Initiate date • Duration

    15.09.2023 • 12 months