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Phillipines: Reforesting Mangroves

Environmental protection

Phillipines: Reforesting Mangroves

Objective: Helping communities to reforest.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Limay, Phillipines

Objective: rehabilitate a forest to revive local fish stocks 

In the rural town of Limay, 150 kilometres north of the capital city of Manila, residents noticed fish stocks were dwindling, water was getting polluted, and the mangrove forest was shrinking at Alangan Cove. In this remote community, opportunities to earn a living are scarce.

 Alstom has supported the replanting of 40,000 mangrove seedlings to rehabilitate the forest, which will revive fish stocks. Additional support is given to advise teachers on using the nutritious indigenous moranga plants for school meals, and for demonstrating to the local residents how to grow vegetables off-season to supplement family incomes. 

Update February 2010

The mangrove reforestation project has come to a successful end, with nearly two hectares of mangroves planted at the Alangan Cove, reinforcing coastal protection and shoring up fish stocks. In addition, the programme provided support for local community projects and coastal clean-up, as well as going beyond environmental education to help teachers and students learn leadership skills through training, mentorship and incentives.

Actions undertaking include:

  • a youth leadership camp during which students learned about pollution and waste management, sustainable use of resources, global warming and conservation of threatened species
  • livelihood development activities such as off-season vegetable production have been conducted as a means to augment family incomes
  • a three month feeding programme to aid the most severely malnourished students from five schools in Limay 
  • Duration

    1 year