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Philippines: Upskilling and youth employment programme

Economic, social  development & support

Philippines: Upskilling and youth employment programme

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The project's aim is to provide vocational training in the digital sector to underprivileged young Filipinos, developing their employability and allowing them to escape poverty. The training model consists of technical skills but also IT skills and critical soft skills through a Professional Life Training.

The NGO Passerelles Numériques has developed a student-centered ICT-based learning project where beneficiaries follow the training programme based on:

  • A rigorous selection process in the poorest regions of the Visayas
  • Technical and practical training in innovation, an introduction to entrepreneurial opportunities in the market through in-house Professional Life Training and Start-up Weeks 
  • Educational and social follow-up (accommodation, food and health)
  • Support for job search (NGO partnership with 52 companies supporting internships, skills volunteering and sponsorship)

Partner: Passerelles Numériques

  • Promoter

    Maronel Del Castillo - Human Resources Business Partner, Cebu

  • Initiate date • Duration

    21.10.2021 • 12 months