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Philippines: Faecal sludge management system

Economic, social  development & support

Philippines: Faecal sludge management system

Objective: To prevent the spread of water-borne diseases though a faecal sludge management system in Eastern Samar

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Philippines

In a region, where the Alstom Foundation already funded a project, we aim to provide an affordable and sustainable system of sludge management (collection/treatment/conversion to fertilizer) to communities of Eastern Samar.

For this project, which will benefit over 280 persons directly (over 1,220 indirect beneficiaries), ACTED NGO and Alstom Foundation aim to:

  • Increase awareness on sanitation issues at household level;
  • Develop a social business model for sludge management using low-cost technologies;
  • Set up social businesses;
  • Treat sludge used by farmers as fertilizer to increase production.

Partner: ACTED

Sponsor: Simon Cordier - Project Director - Hong-Kong

  • Promoter

    Arlene Melosantos - Human Resources - Hong-Kong

  • Duration