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Peru: Lunita de Paita Children Centre

Economic, social  development & support

Peru: Lunita de Paita Children Centre

Objective: Helping 720 Peruvian families through a better school infrastructure.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Peru

The challenge of helping 720 Peruvian families through a better school infrastructure, the creation of a sustainable green zone and the implantation of a water irrigation system.

The community of Juan Valer Sandoval is a human settlement suffering from extreme poverty.
A partnership between two Foundations (Alstom and Harena) was sealed to improve the global living conditions of the Peruvian community, and enhance the physical infrastructure of a school.

The project is now complete as the construction of two more classrooms (welcoming over 50 additional pupils) is over, together with the plantation of a green zone and the installation of a low consumption water irrigation system.

To ensure the sustainability of the project, the Foundation Harena raised awareness about the importance of recycling, water management and garbage collection.

The inauguration took place on the 14th of March with the Alstoms country president.

Harena Foundation

Since 2007, the Foundation thrives to develop and enhance the access to education, health, and sport for communities in need. It also offers vocational training programs. So far, 48 projects were launched in 17 countries. 

Sponsor: Ivan Moncayo (Country President)

  • Promoter

    Antonio Valiente