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Panama: Renewing Panamas education

Economic, social  development & support

Panama: Renewing Panamas education

Objective : To rehabilitate a Panama school housing 1.200 students.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location El Reino de los Paises Bajos school
  • Alstom Panama plans to align with the El Reino de los Paises Bajos school to provide sanitary services, rehabilitation of classrooms and other general facilities;
  • The project will impact around 700 families/1200 students directly;
  • Students and staff will receive comprehensive education so that all improvements made are sustainable in the long term;
  • The project location being close to an Alstom project site, there is an opportunity for Alstom employees to volunteer.


Partner: Fundacion Unidos por la Educacion - Facebook page

Sponsor: Xavier Boisgontier (Alstom North LAM MD)

Promoter: Edgar Esquivel (Alstom Finance)


  • Duration

    1 year