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Nepal: score village trial

Economic, social  development & support

Nepal: score village trial

Charge your phone with a kitchen stove A design created by universities to provide electricity whilst cooking.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Djozdjan province, Afghanistan

Objective: To provide isolated villages with access to clean drinkable water.

In Afghanistan, the Alstom Foundation has funded the drilling of three wells to provide potable water to the isolated villages of Aaqtchah, Sorkh and DichÂaraq in the northern province of Djozdjan, 500 km from Kabul.

The local populations lacked access to clean, potable water and were dependent on raw water from a nearby river distributed by district every 2 or 3 weeks along brooks dug in the earth. This water would be collected in earth ponds within peoples homes to drink, cook, bathe and wash. Their only other option was to buy or barter with essential produce for water brought from remote villages. Without waste disposal schemes in the region, the accumulation of plastic bottles was also becoming problematic.

The project, conducted with the Association Renaissance Afghanistan, originally called for the drilling of two wells, but the Foundation built three. These new wells will provide:

  • clean drinking water free of charge
  • better health and hygiene to the villagers
  • an end to plastic bottle pollution.


Association Renaissance Afghanistan 

Jalil Zafar is a Belfort-based Alstom employee who has taken his involvement with humanitarianism to a new level: this Afghan native is the president of the ARA, which he set up to help his homeland. 

  • Duration

    1 year