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Morocco: Envol des femmes

Economic, social  development & support

Morocco: Envol des femmes

  • Status


  • Location Ouarzazate Region

Improve the living conditions of rural young women by developing small-scale family farming (102 small sheep & goat farms in 6 villages) for economic empowerment & social emancipation in the form of micro-credit: Provision of animals, material contributions & aid for the buildings. The project sets up collective training & individual monitoring to strengthen women's skills, ensure farms' technical viability & generate income. In addition, knowledge transmission between women (Networks of women leaders, mentoring, etc) is promoted to consolidate existing mutual aid links - the project supports an existing cooperative (COROSA) which transforms goat milk into cheese to diversify with livestock sale. Considering climate issues & frequent drought, a better use of local resources & agroecological practices are also implemented (Composting, waste recycling, natural fertilizer use instead of chemicals).

  • Promoter

    David Simon - Rolling Stock System Engineer, Valenciennes

  • Initiate date • Duration

    15.09.2023 • 12 months