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Mexico: Sustainable coffee agroforestry

Environmental protection

Mexico: Sustainable coffee agroforestry

Objective: To support 400 coffee farmers in their sustainable coffee production and reforestation efforts

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Oaxaca region

The project includes 400 coffee farmers who will engage in reforestation efforts to advance more sustainable coffee production. These coffee farmers will be familiarised with land/soil management techniques. 

As for the reforestation of degraded pastureland, this will take place through the reintroduction of native tree species. A total of 45,000 trees will be planted. In addition, there will be a carbon monitoring and verification system (MRV) implemented.

Partner: Rainforest Alliance 

Sponsor: Marion Ibert (Alstom HR)

  • Promoter

    Promoter: A-G Franco (Alstom Finance)

  • Duration

    18 months