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Mexico: Mayan women for sustainable future

Environmental protection

Mexico: Mayan women for sustainable future

Objective: To help Mayan women in poor rural communities to develop Melipona bee cultivation to improve their income and preserve ecosystem balance

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Mexico

The project will enable women in poor rural communities to cultivate Melipona bees to preserve the ecosystem balance of the Central American jungle. The production of Melipona honey will support local livelihoods as the honey has healing properties. Overall, the project enables local women to project manage their way to their own success and promotes sustainable use of natural resources.

Partner: Fundacion Mexicana para el Desarrollo Rural, A.C.

Sponsor: Marion Ibert (Alstom HR)

Promoter: Antonio Flores (Alstom Communications)

  • Duration

    1 year