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Mexico: Getting on track - children’s development

Economic, social  development & support

Mexico: Getting on track - children’s development

  • Status


  • Location Mexico - Ciudad Sahagun (Hidalgo State

In Ciudad Sahagún, Mexico,  youth (0-17y) with disabilities represents 1.9% of population, ie. 2 out 10 children have issues in adapting to their environment.

This project aims to provide required therapy to children & help their neurological development to adapt at school & social environment. A specialised care model is proposed to:

  • Detect neurodevelopmental disorders in vulnerable population through appropriate assessments
  • Provide access to specialists monitoring symptoms every 6 months & train professionals acting as facilitators in children's environment (Individual therapies aimed at stimulating cognitive skills)
  • Reduce financial burden in families by reducing cost of intensive therapies (40 to 100h/month depending on disorder)
  • Promote social inclusion through workshops & training for parents & psychopedagogical team

NGO: Fundacion Candy

  • Promoter

    Maite Ramos-Gomez - Country Managing Director, Mexico City

  • Initiate date • Duration

    06.09.2022 • 12 months