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Manila: Financing the education of children

Economic, social  development & support

Manila: Financing the education of children

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  • Location Pasay

This project focuses on educating 137 children from Manila slums and helps those unseen by big NGOs through local branch Daan Para Sa Kabatan (A way for children in tagalog). The objective is to allow the children to obtain a college or university diploma and sustainable work, in order to break free from the spiral of the slums. It also includes prevention of health issued, since the children do not have access to daily hygiene products and scarcely ever get to see a doctor.

Partner NGO: Un Chemin Pour les Enfants / A Way for Children

  • Promoter

    Erma-Marie Tolidanes - Project Contract Administrator, Singapore

  • Initiate date • Duration

    01.10.2020 • 12 months