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Malaysia: Sustainable waterfall adoption programme

Environmental protection

Malaysia: Sustainable waterfall adoption programme

Objective: Protecting the Malaysian eco-system and spreading awareness about waste disposal

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location SG Liam Waterfall (near Kuala Lumpur)

Malaysia hosts a great biodiversity of plants, fungi and animals species. However, waste disposal behaviour has been an important issue for Malaysian environmentalists to tackle. Beaches, picnic areas, recreational parks, waterfalls and rivers are being overlooked and ignored by the population leading to pollution and the destruction of fauna and flora. 

The Alstom Foundation teamed up with the Selangor Association of Waterfalls to clean and protect two Malaysian waterfalls, reducing the biodegradation threat and the acid secretion caused by garbage disposal. 

The organisers managed to mobilise the community by gathering volunteers. Awareness regarding nature preservation was spread and hope for the community to sustain its habitat is greater. The programme also introduced the first accessible waterfall! 

Partner: PPAT Selangor Association of Waterfalls thrives to build a long-term and sustainable strategy to preserve waterfalls. Its strategy involves educating and spreading awareness amongst the general public. The Sustainable Waterfall Adoption Program 2013 was developed to save and protect the Malaysian eco-system and put an emphasis on waterfall preservation.

Sponsor: Saji Raghavan

  • Promoter

    Sazli Kamaruzzaman