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Kenya: Kristy Cape Academy electrification

Economic, social  development & support

Kenya: Kristy Cape Academy electrification

Objective: 10 windmills are being installed to provide sustainable energy for 300 pupils and the local community

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Kenya

The Kristys Cape Academy is a primary school in Muhuru Bay, located near the Lake Victoria which is a very windy region. Therefore, wind turbines will be installed as the primary source of clean and renewable energy.

The project undertakes the electrification of the area and the overage will be used to create a community charging station supplying power charging up to 80 home lighting kits. They will be made available to the community via leasing.The station relies on a walk-up battery exchange/recharge model. 



Seattle University

Seattle has a long and rich history of sustainable humanitarian service projects serving marginalised people both domestically and internationally. Their projects have resulted in several international implementations of sustainable solutions including making human powered generators, handmade wind turbines, improving the water capacity and developing irrigation projects. 

Community Solutions Initiative

CSI is a non-profit member group of IEEE Power & Energy society committed to open source design and delivery of renewable energy solutions to the worlds poorest and most energy-deprived populations. 

Kristy Cape Academy NGO

12 students were part of the Muhura Bay schoolhouse in 2010, now theyre 300.

Sponsor: Avnaesh Jayantila

  • Promoter

    Vincent Van Acker