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Kazakhstan: Technovation Kazakhstan

Economic, social  development & support

Kazakhstan: Technovation Kazakhstan

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  • Location Almaty

In Kazakhstan, 21% of girls are subject to physical violence & 45% to psychological aggression. Strong stereotypes exist (Girls should cook) as well as a significant education inequality. Proposed project empowers girls (8-18y) to become leaders, creators & problem-solvers in business & technology fields. They work in teams, develop mobile apps & use AI instruments to address real-world problems through a digital local curriculum (Russian & Kazakh) involving girls in STEM (Almaty, Astana, Taldykorgan, Issyk, Talgar & Kaskelen cities). The course is created using existing free & effective STEM/business educational material from low funded government schools, then distributed among selected schools through direct agreement. It also includes offline master classes, and a competition or challenge among girls.

  • Promoter

    Zaure Shubayeva - WCA Communications Director, Astana

  • Initiate date • Duration

    15.09.2023 • 12 months