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Kazakhstan: Building future technicians

Economic, social  development & support

Kazakhstan: Building future technicians

Improving learning outcomes and career opportunities for students in technical vocational schools in Atbasar

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Atbasar

In 2018, two technical vocational schools in Atbasar, Kazakhstan merged together and Alstom funding was used to support an increase in teaching staff and students. The two specific objectives are to strengthen teachers capacity in Atbasar technical vocational schools to provide a high-quality education; and enable students to access updated and interactive classes.

The project will focus on further improving the welding laboratory, extending welding equipment for students to practice with at school and Alstom plants, and increase teachers capacity. It is based upon the results of the 2018 Alstom Foundation-funded project. 

Partner: Eurasia Foundation for Central Asia (EFCA)

  • Promoter

    Zaure Rakhmetova - Comms Mgr., Astana

  • Initiate date • Duration

    28.09.2018 • 6 months