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Ivory Coast: ERUPIE

Economic, social  development & support

Ivory Coast: ERUPIE

  • Status


  • Location Bohfla, Pohizra, Baarza 1&2, Klazra, Binhoulera, Nianoufla, Dhézra 1&2, Ouinefla, Gohounfla and other regions

The Ivory Coast aims to provide universal access to electricity by 2035 and grow economic & social development. This project (Pilot) promotes income-generating activities (IGAs) based on electricity usage in 19 localities recently connected to the national electricity network. The goal is to:

1/ Identify opportunities in existing value chains & train entrepreneurs to develop profitable IGAs using electrical equipment (Seed grinders, cold storage etc) through technical trainings (Production, processing) & entrepreneurship basics, administrative formalisation to access local cooperatives & microfinance institutions

2/ Support 7 electrician women to develop their activity & promote productive electricity use through trainings in installation/maintenance & commercial aspects

3/ Capitalise on pilot feedback to formalize approach & disseminate a methodology for private actors to help maximize the positive socio-economic impact that access to electricity can bring. 

  • Promoter

    Thierry Alby - Business Development Director, Saint Ouen

  • Initiate date • Duration

    15.09.2023 • 12 months