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Indonesia: Bamboo conservation

Environmental protection

Indonesia: Bamboo conservation

Objective: Replant rare bamboo as it plays an important role for rural development

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Indonesia

Conserving Indonesian Endemic Bamboo Species to save water catchment area in West Java.   

Bamboo is a valuable and multifunctional non timber forest product in Indonesia. It plays an important role for rural development as construction material, household, crafts, music instruments...

Bamboo plants are effective for conserving water due to their culms ability in keeping water for a long period and maintain underground water flow. It also gives contribution to natural system such as oil erosion control, water conservation, land rehabilitation, and carbon sequestration. 

It directly helped to: 

- Prevent soil erosion 

- Conserve local endemic bamboo plants that have potential economic value 

- Protect watershed area in 2 major rivers in Cisadane and Ciliwung Watershed. 


Biodervisty Conservation Trust Fund 

It thrives to become a trusted and influential agent of change to support the conservation and use of biodiversity and the environment in an equitable and sustainable manner by enhancing public awareness and understanding of biodiversity to encourage behavioural change, empowering community institution, encouraging the establishment of public policy in local and national level for biodiversity preservation, and finally mobilizing, managing and distributing resource for biodiversity utilisation. 


EBF is an Indonesian non-profit organisation aiming to protect tropical forests by promoting and demonstrating the many conservation and development opportunities that bamboo offers. It focuses on international development, through consulting and education; preservation research; agro-forestry projects; watershed reclamation; plantation and policy development.