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India: Using entrepreneurship to re-integrate excluded youth in society

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India: Using entrepreneurship to re-integrate excluded youth in society

Development of a Life Project Center – an incubator for entrepreneurial projects – that will enable 30 young women per year to achieve their social and professional integration in society

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  • Location Bangalore, India

Since 2009, Alstom Foundation’s partner organization LP4Y has successfully developed and replicated a pedagogy based on experiential learning and entrepreneurship. Called the “Professional Training for Entrepreneurs (PTE)”, this pedagogical journey lasts 12 months on average.

For five days a week, eight hours per day, young adults will work in teams of 15 to understand how a business is created, developed and managed. English language and computers would be taught to pupils to help them acquire skills demanded by a competitive job market. Youth will be coached on how to nurture their intrinsic talents and develop soft skills to excel at life.

The grant given by Alstom Foundation would be used to construct a center in Bangalore where the partner NGO will carry out its activities. A nursery would also be built on the premises, to allow young women with children to join the program.

Partner: Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y)

  • Promoter

    Saravanan Muthupillai – Human Resources Manager

  • Duration

    12 months