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India: TARA Outreach Centre

Economic, social  development & support

India: TARA Outreach Centre

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  • Location India: New Delhi

The TARA Outreach Centre (TOC) is a Day-Care Centre for a marginalized community in Saidulajab.

The NGO works at community level to identify situations of abuse, mobilise family resources so they can develop their own solutions. It strengthens family relationships by helping parents to understand & fulfil their fundamental missions towards their children. It also provides quality educational support to children (2-12y). TOC builds competences & skills to bridge the employability gap. It focuses on integrated, multi-skill development, along with enhancement of language skills. Focus is on Mathematics, Hindi & English, in order to supplement the poor quality of the teaching for the school-goers. English is massively requested as it notably enhances the profile of an employee, increasing his/her opportunities & providing a better job stability.


  • Promoter

    Renu K J - Tender Document Controller, New Delhi

  • Initiate date • Duration

    06.09.2022 • 12 months