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India: A second chance to be in school

Access to mobility

India: A second chance to be in school

  • Status


  • Location Kadapa District
  • Improve access to basic education for children (especially girls) through supporting the enrolment & retention of children missing out of schools. Objectives are: 1/ Improve capacities in rural communities to effectively respond to issues of girls education 2/ Reduce the number of girls not attending school by supporting 103 children (81 girls, 22 boys) with logistics & education support material
  • Incentive packages will be given to motivate children, and for more remote schools bicycles will be provided to girls to overcome the distance barrier to education

NGO: Sree Padma Rani Mary Mahila Mandali

  • Promoter

    Sbv Bhargava - Procurement Team Leader, Bangalore

  • Duration

    12 months