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India: Green Orphanage

Economic, social  development & support

India: Green Orphanage

Objective: Alstom is funding a green orphanage.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Karnataka, India

Objective: building a self-sustainable orphanage in the Indian Karnataka region 

Millions of children in India each year are orphaned - abandoned by families too poor and too ill to care for them.

 In the Indian state of Karnataka 200 kilometres north of Bangalore, Alstom is funding a green orphanage. The orphanage will house 40 young girls and has a dual mission: to educate and to provide green services. 

The building is powered by photovoltaic panels and was erected with recyclable bricks. The orphanage is equipped with rainwater harvesting tanks which are used for irrigation. The girls are learning to grow vegetables to become self-sufficient, in addition to receiving basic education. 

  • Duration

    1 year