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France: Train des Mouettes/Train of Seagulls

Economic, social  development & support

France: Train des Mouettes/Train of Seagulls

Objective: Protecting the local environment: enhancement of a touristic train route through the refurbishment of a historical coach.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location France

Proscribe traffic and protect the local  environment 

As the traffic is increasing regularly, a need for additional vehicles has been identified. The associations T&T has decided to take this occasion for re-building vehicles identical to the ones that were operated in the first half of 20th century, in mining sites of North East of France. This would be historically consistent with the steam locomotive already operated by the association and with the second one currently in refurbishment process.

The re-building activity is sustained by local authorities, as it involves people in the frame of a process for re-insertion on job market. We were solicited for the purchase of materials (wood, paint ) necessary for the rebuild. This project will help to reduce pollution level as it gives an alternative way for tourists to visit the area and increase tourism on the railway line.


Trains and Traction

Trains et Traction circulates the Train of Seagulls railway line built in 1875.This train is pulled by the oldest locomotive VN France, Schneider Creusot a historical monument dating from 1891. It hopes to involve as many people to the restoration and return to service of the Train of Seagulls.

Sponsor: BRISOU Florent

  • Promoter

    François Papin

  • Duration

    11 months