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France: No long term unemployment

Economic, social  development & support

France: No long term unemployment

Objective: To help people experiencing long-term unemployment getting access to stable and lasting jobs.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Lille, northern France
  • The project proposes creation of multi-activity companies which will train and engage people experiencing long-term unemployment;
  • These companies under agreement will then offer employment to the people trained;
  • 1,000 people in long-term unemployment, will get access to a job at SMIC level (legal minimum wage) with indefinite duration;
  • Pilot project in Lille for national deployment including change of law.


Partner : ATD Quart-Monde 

Sponsor: Jean-Pierre Goepfert (Alstom HR)

  • Promoter

    Jean-Pierre Goepfert (Alstom HR)

  • Duration

    3 years