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Ethiopia: Improve access to health services

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Ethiopia: Improve access to health services

Objective: Improve access to health services for the isolated populations of the 5th region of AFAR zone.

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Afar region

The lack of electricity supply in health centres results in poor health infrastructure.

In the Afar region , towns have been growing on nomad settlements. The Ethiopian state and the Afar government have installed health stations to provide basic healthcare when this population (depending on their livestock herds) comes back to setup camps. However, the electricity is scarce and vaccins hard to preserve.  

The project aims to improve health services by providing electricity to 30 health centres equipping them with photovoltaic solar panels with batteries.

Furthermore, 2 solar pumps with a storage tank will be installed. In order to ensure the self-sufficiency of the project, 8 local technicians will be trained to install and maintain the material. 

Photos and key informations on our partner's website ESF. 


Electriciens Sans  Frontières 

Electriciens sans frontières is an international NGO and registered charity. Since 1986 it has been leading projects providing access to energy for the
benefit of peoples whose development is compromised by the lack of a secure and sustainable electrical supply.
Thanks to the expertise of its volunteers in electricity, Electriciens sans frontières has the ambition to contribute to the improvement of living conditions for some of the worlds poorest populations.


A local NGO working in the Afar region. It is an innovative organisation and its practical experience and commitment enables it to reach the most disadvantaged communities throughout the region. 

Sponsor: Hervé Venturi, Grid Ethipia project 

  • Promoter

    Valérie Joly, SD Manager 

  • Duration

    1 year