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Ethiopia: First Mile Project

Access to mobility

Ethiopia: First Mile Project

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  • Location Ethiopia

The targeted area (Bahir Dar) has one of lowest road cover per head in Africa, especially during rainy season when rivers swell. Rural families live >10 km away from roads, so they walk & cross dangerous gorges, threatening their lives.

The project aims to improve access to basic services (schools, markets, health facilities) & prevent losses of lives & goods by establishing capacity to implement trail bridges & foot trail networks as well as ownership & management of these infrastructures. Trainings are planned locally (bricklayers, fitters) involving local companies, experts from road authorities & teachers from technical universities (Bahir Dar & Mekele). 30 new bridges to be built (allowing carts & 3-wheeled motor vehicles) incl. 4 trail bridges from AF funds.

NGOHelvetas Swiss Intercooperation

  • Promoter

    Angela Masso - Customer Services Officer, Neuhausen

  • Initiate date • Duration

    06.09.2022 • 30 months