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Colombia: Sowing women’s confidence

Environmental protection

Colombia: Sowing women’s confidence

  • Status


  • Location Colombia

The project allows 42 rural women to produce high-quality food through organic farming to help them become independent. It will focus on the following:

  • A productive chain from seed reproduction to commercialization in short circuits including trainings on relationship management, greenhouse creation for plant germination and growth.
  • Agritourism including the design of three tourism routes in alliance with a hotel and a tourism school, training on customer service, financial management of tourism ventures for associated women with agro-ecological gardens and rural lodging.
  • Recovery of degraded areas through the design of five reforestation plots and five edible forest plots with native species to recover soils and water sources.

Partner: Fundacion Proyectar Sin Fronteras

  • Promoter

    Ana Arjona - Head of Human Resources for Panama, Colombia, Dominican Republic & Ecuador, Panama City

  • Initiate date • Duration

    21.10.2021 • 13 months