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Colombia: Small steps forward

Access to mobility

Colombia: Small steps forward

Objective: To engage and encourage young people to share their perception of unsafe places in the city to make it more inclusive and pedestrian-friendly

  • Status


  • Location Medellin, Colombia

In Medellin, a very high percentage of young people walk around the city to conduct their day to day activities, such as going to school. The result is that more children are out on the roads than ever before, and are often vulnerable to unruly traffic. They are in immediate need of protection.

With the help of Alstom Foundation, Walk21 (an international charity) will deploy a tool that captures and records where in the city of Medellin young people who commute on foot are most exposed. For the first time, mobility needs of children and orphans living in the city will be made visible to the decision-makers at the top.

Fundapeaton and Fundacion Visibles, two local charities of concerned citizens in Medellin, shall lead the project and together create a heat map of the city that will give the authorities a detailed understanding of where the children need better protection.

Partner: Walk21

  • Promoter

    Camilo Ardila – B&D Coordinator, LAM

  • Duration

    12 months