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Chile: Developing skills and employability in disadvantaged youth

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Chile: Developing skills and employability in disadvantaged youth

Enhancing employability of students in technical schools in Chile

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  • Location Lo Prado, Puente Alto, Limache, Quillota - Chile

Technical schools in Chile suffer from widespread lack of adequate funding and skilled teachers. As a result, the quality of education given is low and the learning outcomes are often abysmal.  

To counter the above-mentioned challenges, the Alstom Foundation and Fundación Educación 2020 have come together to establish a collaboration between Alstom Chile and three technical schools nearby. Third and fourth year students from four different technical schools will be paired with mentors at Alstom Chile for a two-week internship. This will allow students to gain work experience and hands on training to face the challenges of the professional world.

Teachers would also visit the Alstom facilities (dedicated to construction and maintenance of trains) in Chile to update their knowledge of the latest industry trends. Funds from Alstom Foundation would be used to create new laboratories with the latest equipment in all three participating schools.

Partner: Fundación Educación 2020

  • Promoter

    Guillermo Bonilla – HR Director Chile

  • Duration

    11 months