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Cameroon: 30 kW solar power scheme for Chomba

Access to energy and water

Cameroon: 30 kW solar power scheme for Chomba

  • Status

    Project completed

  • Location Cameroon

The main goal of this project was to build local capacity to design, install and run a small scale solar paneled power plant in rural Cameroon. This experience was to be used demonstrate to the policy makers the convenience of using local renewable energy sources to contribute to rural electrification, and the improvement of the social and economic conditions of the poor.

The main activities of this project are as follows:

  • To install a solar powered power plant in Chomba village to meet the electricity needs of the local people and serve as a showcase to demonstrate the viability of the technology to politicians and policy makers
  • To develop and disseminate an operational and management model to run a small scale solar power plant in rural Cameroon, including tariff schemes, ownership and the necessary institutional arrangements at local level
  • To promote a productive and rational use of energy at local level (where the solar plant will be installed)

Originally this project was planned to be a micro-hydro power plant. However, detailed investigation demonstrated that this technology would be inappropriate. The decision was therefore taken to switch to solar technology. This technology change, coupled with other factors such as a protracted approval process and seasonal weather constraints, led to the project being delayed. Having commenced in 2013, it was finally successfully completed in the autumn of 2017.

Partner: ADEID (local partner); Electriciens sans Frontieres (implementation partner)

  • Duration

    4 years